Sierra Peak Repeater System Status


The N6FFI/R 52.800 MHz repeater is currently on line, along with everything else at the site.
The N6FFI/R repeater requires a CTCSS of 82.5 Hz for access.
Do not uses CTCSS decode on your low band radios at this time.



12 June 2016

The problems with the link channel between Sierra Peak and Oat Mountain have been resolved. All systems at Sierra Peak are fully operational, and traffic between Sierra Peak and Oat Mountain is being handled normally.

With Sierra in good shape, the crew (Chuck WD6AML, Brigid K6BAB, and Paul KB6MIP) met at the Oat Mountain site yesterday to begin work there. We immediately identified a critical hole in the wider system, the radio for the Oat - Frazier link was basically inoperative. That radio has been removed from service and returned to the bench of Rod WB6ORK for attention. Meanwhile several smaller problems have been identified at Oat Mountain, the biggest of which seems to be with the local repeater itself. It repeats link traffic from Sierra Peak beautifully, but when someone on the input to the local Oat Mountain repeater keys up, a loud tone is heard on the local repeater output, and the audio level changes. This condition corrects itself when the local repeater transmitter drops off the air. We are working to correct these issues, and I will report as progress is made.



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