Sierra Peak Repeater System Status


The N6FFI/R 52.800 MHz repeater is currently on line, along with everything else at the site.
The N6FFI/R repeater requires a CTCSS of 82.5 Hz for access.
Do not uses CTCSS decode on your low band radios at this time.


SARS System Status

10 February 2018

Both repeaters at Sierra Peak (UHF and low band) are in service and linked to Oat Mountain. However, with the improvements at Oat Mountain, we realize that some CTCSS and audio level adjustments may be necessary on the Sierra side of the link. As we get past bringing the Frazier Mountain repeater back into service we'll start planning a trip to Sierra to touch things up.

The Oat Mountain repeater is in service and linked to Sierra Peak. All audio paths for the repeater and Link 1 (to Sierra) have been optimized, and the CTCSS levels have been adjusted to where they should be. However, the issue with Link 2 (to Frazier) is still with us. The radio, which checked out just fine on the bench, has been redeployed and is operational. We have a problem with the audio gating from the Link 2 receiver to the rest of the system, and because of this problem Link 2 is not in service. We spent some considerable time on the mountain today troubleshooting, and continue to affirm our earlier convictions that we have a controller issue. So while Sierra and Oat are linked and fully in service, the link from Oat Mountain to Frazier Mountain will be off line for some time to come.

The Frazier repeater and link radios are now deployed at Frazier Mountain. While operational, the site is not linked to anything and still needs some work. We are in the process of scheduling a return trip to optimize the hardware and get the audio levels adjusted to where they're supposed to be.

All three SARS UHF repeaters are now both decoding and encoding CTCSS. We encourage users to run tone squelch in their UHF radios, and to report any problems or issues they might perceive to Rod WB6ORK, Chuck WD6AML, or Paul KB6MIP. The VHF low band repeater at Sierra Peak does not encode CTCSS at this time, please do not use tone squelch on low band.

As we schedule more site work, I'll try and keep everyone advised of the dates for the work. Keep an eye to the FaceBook page, drop by here for updates, or catch one of us on the air.

Stay tuned!




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Page last updated 10 February 2018