52.900 MHz KB6MIP/R Repeater Status

The KB6MIP/R repeater site in Yorba Linda is out of service due to demolition and reconstruction at the site.

This situation was made known to me Thursday afternoon 15 June 2017, and by mid-afternoon Friday 16 June all of the equipment for both the 52.900 MHz and 224.120 MHz repeaters (as well as almost everything else in the building) had been removed from the site.

I am told the demolition and reconstruction will be completed in April of 2018. As with many projects of this scope and magnitude which my employer engages in, this date is open to conjecture and should not be taken literally. Therefore, if the 52.900 MHz and 224.120 MHz repeaters go back on the air in Yorba Linda, it probably won't happen before the summer of 2018.

I say if because I am considering not waiting for that to come to pass. If I can locate a new site to install the equipment at, that provides the same or better level of service that the Yorba Linda site did, and it's affordable, I would be happy to deploy the systems elsewhere. Or, as I am nearing retirement from my place of employment (and provider of the Yorba Linda site), I may choose instead to pass on trusteeship of the systems to someone younger and able to devote more time (and funds) to keeping them on the air. At least two people have casually expressed interest in that, and I'm still mulling it over.

Right now all the gear is in storage. At some point in the future I may bring it home and get it running in my garage, the better to prepare it for eventual return to service somewhere. If I can afford to, I am still tinkering with the idea of buying a Tait TB7100 in 220 MHz, provided I can find a vendor who will deliver it ready to use out of the box (i.e. with the wideband FM license keys already installed). Having that with the UHF TB7100 I already have in my possession would sure go a long way towards freeing up some space in my old Motorola Cabinet ...

Questions? Comments? Advice? Site recommendations? I will gladly respond to all. Drop me a line ...

In the meantime I will most likely be found on SARS, probably on 52.800 MHz N6FFI, but perhaps on their UHF channels as well. Doesn't really matter, I guess, they're all supposed to be linked.



KB6MIP/R Yorba Linda Repeater Coverage

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