52.900 MHz KB6MIP/R Repeater Status

The KB6MIP/R repeater site in Yorba Linda is no more.

Friday 16 June 2017 all of the equipment for both the 52.900 MHz and 224.120 MHz repeaters (as well as almost everything else in the building) had been removed from the Yorba Linda site. This was because the facility was undergoing re-construction to improve seismic resistance, and other lesser issues, and everyone had to get out.

Initially this was supposed to be a temporary absence, but as fate would have it, this action spelled the eventual demise of the KB6MIP repeater system. The building is still not available for use, and probably won't be before this fall. Therefore, mindful of the 30 year history of my six meter repeater, and anticipating retirement in the not-too-distant future, I decided to not return the equipment to service. The hardware has been sold. The system (I am told) will eventually re-appear in the low desert in the vicinity of Interstate 10, somewhere along the Indio - Blythe corridor. It will probably be under Dan N6BKL's call.

Over the years a few of you kicked in funds, many more contributed lots of sweat equity, and I got tons of moral support from virtually everyone. I appreciated all of it, and still do. I tried my best to keep my system clean, and made it available to everyone in the hopes that some would find it useful. The users of the KB6MIP repeater were some first-class folks, I made a lot of friends with it.

Moving forward I will be focusing on the maintenance and expansion of the SARS system. I still have equipment and plans, a UHF / 220 MHz repeater system may evolve in the future, but will probably deploy outside of the southern California area. I will keep you advised at this page of that eventuality.

Thanks to all my friends and users. It's been a great 30 year run. I learned a lot.

Catch you on the air!


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Page last updated 4 July 2018