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Links to technical resources for repeater construction or commercial radio modification.
Links to vendors of site and infrastructure equipment.
Links to sites related to six meters.


Where can I get surplus commercial gear?

You can start with whatever I might happen to have in my shop that I don't know what to do with,
or you can shop around at one of the following sites:

C.W. Wolfe Communications, Inc.
I did business with Bud for years when I was reconditioning surplus commercial gear for use in the ham bands. Reasonable stuff at good prices, they are based in Montana. He used to have a web page, but apparently now you have to get in touch with him by telephone or e-mail. Here's the info:
1113 Central Ave.
Billings, Montana 59102
(406) 252-9220
FAX 406-252-9617

Barnett Electronics, Inc.
Bob's another guy I've done business with, he's out of Arkansas.

Specializing in Motorola gear,
based in Arizona.

Urgent Commnications, formerly Mobile Radio Technology magazine
The above mentioned vendors and many others can be found in the classified ads section of MRT.

Links to technical resources for repeater construction
or commercial radio modifications.

There's only a few links here, but each of these sites has lots of links to other interesting places.
Enjoy exploring!

The Radio Information Board
A bulletin board service catering to professionals in the two-way industry.

The "Batlabs" Board
A bulletin board hosted by Batwing Laboratories catering to professionals in the two-way industry and specializing in all things Motorola.

Amateur Repeater Builder's Home Page

Repeater Builder's Technical Information Page

Jim Poll WB5WPA's 6 Meter Heliax® Duplexer Site
Hosted by Wadsworth Sales, an RF equipment sales outfit in Rockford, Illinois area that I have never done business with.

Oscar Quintanilla KF6YB's take on 6 Meter Heliax® Duplexers

Rich Reese's Repeater Stuff Page

MASTR II Info Site

Ray Vaughn's MASTR Executive II Site

AC6V's Amateur Radio and DX Reference Guide

Links to vendors of site and infrastructure equipment.

On the job I have occasion to need to buy all kinds of hardware pertaining to the construction of communications sites and the deployment of systems therein. Here are a couple of vendors that I probably couldn't work without:

Talley Communications
Virtually everything I buy for commercial grade radio systems I buy from these folks.
Great support, before and after the sale!

Newark Electronics
Everything you could want for infrastructure, from 66 blocks to Hoffman cabinets,
wire and cable to test equipment, all under one roof.

Pacific Coast Parts
A local distributor of parts for Kenwood amateur and commercial two-way products.

MH Electronics
A local manufacturer of crystal devices here in soCal. I've been doing business with Mel for more years than either of us would care to admit. He runs a solid business that stands behind every device it sells. I've never been disappointed, their after-sales support can't be beat.

Links to sites related to Six Meters

George Kreider KN6LA's Home Page
George has recently moved his site to a new server, and right now the only page available at the new site is his six meter repeater directory.
The rest of the site is still under construction, so this link takes you directly to the list.

Keith Beard WE6R's Home page

The KI7DX Repeater Home Page

San Diego Six Shooters ARC

The JPL Southern California Repeater List, including Six Meters

Six Meters World Wide, Home of The Six Club.

The UK Six Metre Group.

Chip Angle N6CA's Home Page.
Follow the links to his 50MHz Application Notes.

An excellent page on combating noise in six meters by K1SIX.

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