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Works in progress in the MIP Shop



This is the beginning of the systems I hope to build and deploy sometime soon. My desired service area is the I-5 corridor in the Ashland - Medford area.
Ultimately I would like to have two systems, perhaps three, in service. They would be:

A VHF high band (two meter) repeater.
This repeater would at times be linked via some RoIP platform to a small, private system in the southern California area, so that I can chat with the ham radio friends I left behind there when I moved to Oregon. It would be an open repeater, and would be based on the Daniels VT-3/160-SWA800 and VR-3H160-SWA200 modules in the second rack from the top. A sharp eye will also notice the VT-3H045-SWA300 and VR-3H045-SWA200 modules also mounted in this rack, they would be for a potential six meter remote base on 52.525 MHz.

A UHF repeater that would become part of the Cactus Intertie.
I have been a member of the Cactus Intertie for some time now, and (as with the VHF repeater above) would use this repeater to stay in touch with ham radio friends I have made in my travels across the western US. It would be a closed repeater, as the Cactus Intertie is a closed system. My repeater would be based on the Daniels UT-3/460-SWC200 and UR-3/460-SWC200 modules in the first (top) rack, and possible use the AMP-2/450-3000 power amplifier next to them as well.

I have family in the area who have little interest in radio communications that require any kind of testing to avail themselves of. Potentially I could be putting a GMRS repeater on the air using the Tait TB-7100 you see in the rack here. I'm not certain of this only because I have not explored the GMRS spectrum here in the Rogue Valley and surrounding area. There may be existing, open systems my family and I can use. We would mostly be using them as a medium for emergency communications. We all got to thinking about that after the Almeda Fire.

Meanwhile, I am in the market for infrastructure for these repeaters, including duplexers, IM panels (or circulators), and most importantly, a site. I have developed a passing interest in two local sites here, Roxy Ann and Little Baldy. As soon as one or more of my systems is actually operational in a test mode here in my shop, I'll start shopping rack and tower space somewhere, hopefully in one of those sites. We'll see how well that goes ...

Meanwhile, I'm hanging out ("monitoring") on the Peak Radio Association network, and monitor some of the local channels here in the southern Rogue River Valley. If you have any of that infrastructure gear I mentioned, and you're interested in selling or trading for it, give me a shout, or drop me a line. I'd appreciate hearing from you.


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