Cal OES Communications Reserve Unit Training Materials

The following information is made available to the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services Communications Reserve Unit staff. If you're involved in emergency communications or working as part of an emergency response / emergency management team, you might be interested in this. This page will probably expand in content as I get more direction for additional topics.

FEMA Independent Study.
Courses that you can take and test on line from your own computer.
Courses in italics are recommended, but not required, for participation in Cal OES CRU activities.

IS-100.c - Introduction to the Incident Command System

IS-200.c - Basic Incident Command System for Initial Response

IS-288.a - The Role of Voluntary Organizations in Emergency Management

IS-700.b - An Introduction to the National Incident Management System

IS-800.c - National Response Framework, an Introduction

The Professional Development Series

California Specialized Training Institute
A Division of the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services.
You will need to request the curriculum for these recommended courses.

Standardized Emergency Management System Introduction (G606)

Study materials for classroom training.
These links will allow you to download Student Materials for recommended certification courses. These materials are somewhat dated, they were given to me when I took the courses. They are not meant to prepare you for a test as much as they are meant to give you a good idea of what is involved in obtaining these certifications. These are "zipped" (compressed in Windows 7 Enterprise) folders, with approximate sizes indicated.

AUXCOMM - Auxiliary Emergency Communications - 10 Mb

COMT - All Hazards Communications Technician - 32 Mb

COML - All Hazards Communications Unit Leader - 57 Mb

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