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Yorba Linda

52.900 MHz -500 kHz
CTCSS 82.5 Hz encode / decode
(Updated 12 June 2016)

Yorba Linda

224.120 MHz -1.600 MHz
CTCSS 151.4 Hz encode
(Updated 15 June 2016)

Santa Ana Mountains

52.800 MHz -500 kHz
CTCSS 82.5 Hz encode
(Updated 12 June 2016)


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I don't normally do this.
In fact, I get turned off pretty quickly when others do this.
But enough folks have suggested that I do this ... so here goes.

I am soliciting financial assistance for the upgrades I am making at the KB6MIP repeater site.
No, the MICOR on six meters isn't going away. What is going away is the Daniels MT-3 system that I have been using for the link to Sierra Peak. It will be replaced by a brand new Tait TB7100-H5 base station / repeater radio. The hardware is already in hand. I just need to program it (as soon as I receive the programming cable I've ordered), interface it to the S-Com 7330, adjust levels, and it'll be good to go. You'll know when that happens, you'll stop hearing any telemetry from the link on the 52.900 MHz repeater.

Meanwhile, I am about to order another Tait TB7100, a model D1 in 220 MHz. This unit will replace the existing 224.120 MHz repeater in Yorba Linda. It will also be interfaced to the S-Com 7330 controller, the end result being that the 52.900 MHz repeater and the 224.120 MHz repeater will be permanently cross-banded (what one receives, both transmit), and that pair of repeaters will then be linked over to Sierra Peak (52.800 MHz and 447.100 MHz).

The TB7100s appear to retail at about $1800 and up, depending on model. One never really knows until all the options are specified, but that's a good thumb-nail to start grinding numbers from.

If you'd like to help, e-mail me.

I must be clear about this lest problems arise later: any donations you make will be just that ... donations. No fractional ownership or control of the system is implied or inferred. You will not be buying the right to any say in how the system is operated or who may use it, nor will you become a "part owner." If you help me, it's just that ... help.

I hate disclaimers, don't you? But I have to say that, you know?

And by the way, Sandy's Communications is my partner in making these purchases a reality. Need something? Get in touch with Jeff ...

Thanks for reading this. Stay tuned!

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